Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 12 - I'm back! has been down for the last 24 hours. Hence the lack of updates. I can now report that, after running 21.4 miles yesterday, I had a very good night's sleep in the very posh Polo Towers resort right in the heart of uptown Las Vegas. The support team and I were met by 2 burly security guards from the resort and I felt quite like a celebrity. Nothing was a bother for them and we were met in our huge 15th floor suite (view below) by Ash Nemetz, Vice President, Global Security. 

Not only had Ash arranged a fantastic room for us but he also handed over a huge consignment of supplies including Powerade, energy gels, anti blister socks, sun screen, etc. I could go on. The products were greatly appreciated and will be put to very good use during the remainder of the journey across the USA. Thank you Ash (pictured below) and thank you Diamond Resorts International. Thanks also to Tony Palmer for getting in touch and getting Ash on board.

The good news didn't stop there with Ash arranging for a sports massage from local practitioner Dr Victor Leach (pictured below).  

I had a mild but very effective treatment and I felt like I'd had and oil change this morning (Day 13). Dr Leach left me with a foam roller for self massage treatment on my legs and also some cling film like material to assist in strapping ice packs to my legs. Speaking of which, he gave me 2 gel like ice packs which change shape to the surface it's on which will be brilliant for my overnight ice treatment.

So there we have it. Multiple random acts of kindness from some really kind American folk. This help, support and encouragement has not been too uncommon during the first couple of weeks in the USA. This kind of help will make a massive difference to the run across the USA.