Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Day 10 - Complete

I managed 30.2 miles today before a huge blister stopped play. That has now been "emptied" by Driver Richard and takes the title of "Biggest Blister …… of the week". It should hopefully dry out, just like the others have, overnight.  

As for the rest of me, my legs feel really good considering I've ran 296.1 miles over the last 10 days. The only other problem to report is a tiny bit of sunburn on my neck where my headgear exposed my skin. I thought it was all covered up but obviously not. I've been very careful with the sun otherwise. I'm in far better shape now than at this point during the run from John O'Groats to Lands End. That said, I'm looking forward to Wee Kirsty the Sports Therapist arriving on the support team to work on getting me on maximum running form.

As the sun went down tonight in the Mojave Desert, what was left to the north in the distance was a huge spot of light pollution. This is obviously Las Vegas some 50 miles or so away. It's going to be strange seeing civilisation again!

I will be very sad to leave the Mojave National Preserve and California tomorrow. I have had a lot of time to think about the reasons for doing this run across the USA. I've been puzzling over the last few years about what makes someone quit his job, sell his car, leave his family behind for 4 months and miss a few Newcastle matches! 80% of that answer is a simple and well documented one. i.e. wanting to repay a debt of gratitude to St Benedict's Hospice and raising funds for The Children's Foundation. I think I'm very close to an answer regarding the remaining 20%. While working on my book, it became quite obvious to me. I'll try and put it down in words on my blog over the coming days.

I heard today that my Son Jack (pictured) was upset at school. His teacher took him to one side and he showed her his blog. I hope to have a Skype call with him on Saturday. I'm missing him and my wife Katy very badly at the moment. The motivation to put one foot in front of the other a few more million times over the next 90 days has never been stronger!

And last but not least thanks again to those kind folk who made a donation today. If you are enjoying following my journey coast to coast across the USA then please consider sponsoring me using one of the following links. Any donation, be it big or small, would be greatly appreciated.

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