Monday, 16 May 2011

Day 15 - A good day

I made a concerted effort to clawback some of the mileage deficit today after a good 34.5 mile run. I was fortunate enough to have the wind on my back for most of the day. It came in especially useful when a climb to 2600 ft was required. The temperature was favourable all day too and quite a pleasure to run in.

I've been running on the Freeway for the majority of the day which means that 100% concentration is needed. The assumption that each passing vehicle is going to hit you comes in very useful. There was only 1 near miss as an HGV was driving part on the road, part on the hard shoulder. I stepped onto the gravel at the side of the hard shoulder just to be safe.

Later on, I had a run in with a dog in Glendale where I had to clamber up a steep climb to escape. I cut my hands in a few places. The owner just looked on as it chased me!

I ran the last 2 miles with Wee Kirsty for company and reached the finish line at 1930. Gone are the days when I finish running at midnight as I did in week 1.

Tomorrow will see me reach Arizona and a shorter day is on the cards with a target of 32 miles.

I ended the day with a massage from Wee Kirsty. All I can say is how come somebody so little generate so much power? Despite being a painful experience, Wee Kirsty said that out of 10, the intensity of that massage was about a 6!