Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Day 9 - Complete

A very weak mobile signal in the middle of the Mojave Desert means that a long blog post is not possible tonight (or tomorrow morning for you guys in the UK). 

In short, the whole team had a very bad night's sleep after we were caught out by the cold. It's hard to believe that, after the last few hot days in the desert, it is now so very cold. I expected a drop in temperature a few days ago after seeing the local forecast but I didn't expect it to be quite so low. Needless to say that I had 3 layers at the start line this morning.

I had to have 2 hours sleep this morning after running the first 5.5 miles uphill in a very strong headwind. I was shattered! The support team also had a snooze as they seemed just as tired as me.

As a result of this tiredness, I decided to aim for 21 miles and have a long recovery period afterwards. I'm so pleased to report that 28 miles were achieved instead. I decided to push on while I felt so good. I think the scenery today in the Mojave Desert really helped perk me up. It's nothing short of spectacular.

Sadly, I doubt that I will have a good enough mobile phone signal to talk to Gary and Lisa on the Real Radio Breakfast Show in the morning. I should have a better signal during tomorrow as I get that bit closer to Las Vegas.