Friday, 6 May 2011

Day 5 - Damage report

5 days of very tough running have started to take their toll on my body. My feet, especially my left one, is badly swollen and there are some quite surreal blisters. Fortunately, Driver Richard and his lancing skills, seem to have the blisters under control. 

I'm icing my feet and legs every day and their is no sign of my nemesis; shin splints. I've actually been sleeping with ice packs strapped to my shins and this, so far, is doing the trick.

I have a slight twinge in my left hamstring. It's nothing serious. Thankfully, the other slight twinge that I had in my left calf muscle has gone completely.

I'm in desperate need of a deep tissue massage. I'll be glad to see Wee Kirsty, the Sports Therapist, when she joins the team next week. 

Other than that, things are holding out pretty good. I just need to get rid of these swollen feet and I'll be able to run a little faster. I certainly feel a lot stronger that I have done in a long time.