Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day 15 - Best progress to date

I've ran 16.4 miles this morning and have just finished running at 11:30. This is a new record so far during this current tour. The first few miles were very tricky and involved finding a dirt track after clambering over some sharp rocks. After that, it has been plain sailing and I'm now running on Freeway (pictured below). The surface feels like a thick piled carpet compared to what I've been running on lately. To make matters better, their is a lovely tail wind and the temperature has dropped to around 24 Degrees Celsius.

The new Support Team member, Driver Stephen (pictured below with black and white dreadlocks!), made a nice pasta dish for lunch. The bonus of having him on the team is that he is a trained chef. It was very tasty indeed. Driver Jon and Wee Kirsty have washed my kit and it's currently drying attached to various parts of the RV. The new team have made a good start to their duties.

It's now back out on to the Freeway. Support is difficult from the RV on this road so the next meeting point is 7 miles away. The one after that is 9 miles away.

Thanks to everyone who has made a donation today. There have been some brilliant amounts pledged over this last week. The fund for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation now stands at a whopping £32,133.87. That's is amazing. Thank you all for your most generous support.