Thursday, 5 May 2011

Day 4 : 17 miles done

The temperature has increased immensely as the day has gone on today. The nice breeze that I had in the mountains earlier on has also gone. I soaked my base layer and head wrap thing in cold water before starting out again after the Outpost Cafe and that has really helped. Speaking of the Outpost Cafe, I took this picture of a mural that caught the Support Team's eye. It was painted in 1965.

I'm now having a break and tucking into one of Richard's pasta concoctions. Which is very nice actually. I've got 15 miles left to do and about 8 of them will be in cooler conditions. I've picked up some very nasty blisters over the last day or so. It had to happen sooner or later. I've been neglecting bursting them in favour of updating my blog, Twitter and Facebook. I'll have to sort them out after today's lot of miles.

Thank you to everyone who has sent an email, Facebook message or Tweet. They are really helping me to keep motivated and to keep my morale up. Here is a Facebook message that I got from Fred Darlington.

"Mark, I arrived at my holiday destination in Spain this morning and took to the road for my daily 5 mile run this evening in 20C. Half way through, i wished I had'nt taken it on, I could hardly breathe. Then a thought occured to me that you were running 620 times further, in temperatures much hotter and in unbearable humidity. I had no mad dogs chasing me, nobody lurking in bushes and no 4000 feet climbs. All of a sudden the last half was a doddle.
Thanks for the inspiration. You Nutter"