Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Day 30 - Up and over

Today's running started in Helper, Utah in a neighbourhood where lots of dogs went out of their way to bark at me. All of them were fenced in fortunately. I am now packing some "dog repellent" when I run so the next one to chase me had better watch out.

I had agreed to meet the Support Team at the 10 mile point for new water supplies. I got as far as the 11 mile point and there was still no sign of them. By 12 miles I was beginning to worry. All sorts of bad thoughts were going through my mind. I managed to get a signal once out of a series of high walled valleys and found out that Driver Stephen was waiting for me on the wrong road, many miles away. I was absolutely furious!

Once the Support Team caught up to me at the 15 mile point I went ballistic with Driver Stephen. That's probably all I should say on the matter. Although, the slate is now clean and things need to improve if I'm to get through the rest of Utah and the Rockies in Colorado. Everyone on the team now knows that.

After a "Tactical Snooze" I was on my way again. I spoke to my son Jack at the base of a steep climb and this spurred me on to give it all I had. He may be only 8 years old but he's a very good motivator. This particular climb was the steepest, longest and highest of this run to date and I went through 7000 ft, 8000 ft before summiting at 9114ft. I thought to myself "If you don't enjoy running up something as challenging as that then you shouldn't be running". It was a beast of a climb with twists, turns and snow!

There was a noticeable change in the oxygen levels on the approach to 9000 ft. A few big gasps of air soon sorted that out. By the time I met up with the RV at the summit, I was absolutely famished! A rice dish, some cheesy poofs and some peanut butter M&Ms soon put paid to my hunger and I was off again.

I didn't enjoy running down the other side of the mountain half as much as going up it. Despite being late afternoon it got really cold when the sun disappeared behind the mountains. I finished at the 25.4 mile point, perfectly poised to complete the remainder of the downhill off the mountain tomorrow.

I'm just about to turn in for the night now as I've just pre-recorded a piece with Gary and Lisa for the Real Radio Breakfast show. You'll be able to hear that after 0700 BST. I love speaking to them and I hope you enjoy listening to it on 100 - 102 FM or at www.realradionortheast.co.uk.

The charity fund has now passed the £36,000 barrier for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation. Thanks to everyone who has made a donation. If you would like add to the total then the following links can be used to donate direct to the 2 charities. Every penny that is donated is so important to the 2 charities. 

(St Benedict's Hospice)

(The Children's Foundation)

Alternatively, a donation can be made via cheque payable to 'The Children's Foundation' or 'St Benedict's Hospice' and sent to the following:

FAO Libby Nolan
The Children's Foundation,
PO Box 2YB,
Sir James Spence Institute,
Victoria Wing,
Royal Victoria Infirmary,
Queen Victoria Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne.
NE99 2YB.

FAO Sylvia Stoneham
St Benedict's Hospice.
Monkwearmouth Hospital,
Newcastle Road,
SR5 1NB.