Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day 24 - Soaked!

I decided to try something different this morning and as soon as I got out of bed I ran 2 miles. The thinking behind this was to try and get a more productive start to the day. Comedy Jon reckons I spend the first hour of each day moaning, groaning, scratching and complaining. So with that in mind I did all of the above during the first 2 cold, wet, miserable and dark miles.

At the 2 mile point normal morning service was resumed as I had my porridge and Wee Kirsty warmed my legs up with a vigerous massage. I was soon on my way into the pouring icy cold rain. I was just glad that there was no evidence of yesterday’s quick finish in my legs.

I made my way down a winding valley and met the team at the 9 mile point. It was time for a change of clothes and the now traditional triple decker bacon and egg sandwich as cooked by Chef Stephen.

I continued on my way and went through valley after valley after valley. I got another soaking in the 3rd valley section. It wasn't all bad news though as the sun decided to show it's face for the first time in a while.

Out of the valleys, I headed towards Joseph then Richfield. I was now in the middle of a huge expanse of land surrounded by snow capped mountains. 

There was a lot of agriculture in the area and parts reminded me of the Lake District back in the UK (if I squinted!).

I finished the day in Richfield having ran 30.5 miles. This was the first real commercialised civilisation I'd seen in over a week. Which meant only 1 thing; A McDonald's McGriddle for breakfast on the team's preset condition that I ran at least 5 miles the following morning.