Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day 25 - Over the 700 mile mark

I started running this morning from Richfield, Utah having had no breakfast. The deal with the Support Team was that for 3 miles they would buy me a McGriddle. 4 miles was 2 McGriddles and 5 miles was 2 McGriddles, a hash brown and a coffee. Needless to say that I ran a bit quicker and got 5.5 miles in. The fatty breakfast banquet that followed was delicious. The Support Team and I were once again in tears of laughter with some breakfast table banter. Afterwards, I managed to talk to Katy (Mrs Run Geordie Run) and Jack (Run Geordie Run Jr) over Skype. What a great start to the day. 

The 2nd session of the day was on dirt track (above) through huge plains of farmland. I passed some beautiful looking ranches and the majority of the residents waved as I ran through their neighbourhood. I met up with the RV and after a bowl of pasta I was on my way again.

The final session of the day was on Freeway into a very strong headwind. The Freeway was very quiet which is just as well as I'll be running a further 26 miles on it tomorrow.

Despite the headwind and the 1000ft climb, I finished strongly today and the 32 miles that I ran were the quickest to date on this tour. Also, I seem to have managed to shake the sleepy feeling today. Perhaps something to do with having a small lie in! Take note Support Team!

So that's 716 miles ran so far on this tour. It was at this stage of my run from John O'Groats to Lands End in 2007 that I started to become noticeably stronger. With sports therapist Wee Kirsty still performing miracles and keeping me injury free I hope to see a similar improvement. I've got just over a week left in Utah then it's into Colorado and some serious altitude. It's all coming together nicely in the first third of the run across the USA.

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