Sunday, 21 August 2011

Thanks to …..

The dust is starting to settle a little bit on the run across the USA. I'm now able to begin the process of thanking all of those people who made a difference and gave both me and the 2 charities some great support.

The first people I'd like to thank are the lads at Biffa and Niall have backed my fundraising efforts for the last 10 years. The quality and volume of coverage this time round was absolutely first class. Despite the run finishing 2 weeks ago there is still a piece on there regarding the up and coming charity ball.

Being on has enabled my efforts to become well known amongst Geordies the world over. It's absolutely no coincidence that this is where the vast majority of sponsorship comes from.

One of the highlights of my day during the run was getting's take on things. More importantly, the clever and sometimes funny headlines that they wrote were brilliant.

Thanks to