Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Day 94 - done, day 95 - underway

I managed 39.4 miles yesterday before hitting a dangerous section of road in the dark. It was a well timed finish as a thunder storm soon arrived. I'll get the blog updated as soon as I can. In the meantime, thanks to Gary and Lisa and the 3 Legends at Real Radio for their brilliant continued support. Thanks also to Chris Moyles at BBC Radio 1 for a mention on his show. I've yet to hear it but I've received many messages saying that it was a brilliant piece.

Thanks also to those people who have sent me a message today via Twitter. I've been quite overwhelmed by the support.

And as for the donations today; a huge thank you to everyone who has helped get the fund up to £46,846.10. So close to 47k and a step closer to the target of 50k.

Today's miles in Pennsylvania are dedicated to the memory of Janet Campbell. Her Brother, Colin, made the following dedication:

Janet was my sister who died tragically young aged just 42 from cancer. Not once did she ever complain though and she refused to even talk about the illness. It's now 4 years since she died.