Tuesday, 16 August 2011

On the Breakfast Show with Gary and Lisa at Real Radio

The Real Radio Breakfast Show with Gary Phillipson and Lisa Shaw have been so very supportive of the run across the USA. I spoke to the show every week during the run. In fact, I was either on the Breakfast show or the 3 Legends show (with Malcolm McDonald, Bernie Slaven and Micky Horswill) every day during the final week of the run.

Like so many other people associated with this run, I’ll never be able to thank them enough for their support. The airtime they gave me and the chance to plug the run and the 2 charities proved to be so important. A huge thank you also goes to the programme controller Jon Kirby who, along with Gary and Lisa, really saw the potential in this run and backed me to the hilt right from the start.

With that said, you may be able to imagine just how excited I was to appear on the Real Radio Breakfast Show yesterday morning. Firstly, the chance to thank Gary and Lisa in person was something that I’d been looking forward to throughout the run.

As an added bonus, Katy and Jack were also invited onto the show yesterday. It was a great experience for Jack who enjoyed our time there from start to finish. To be able to share this time on the show with my family was something very special to me.

We were all very well looked after at the station. Before we started on the show, we had a spot of breakfast which was very nice indeed.

We were live on air just after 0730 all the way through to 0900. It was a privilege to be able to talk about so many aspects of the run, the support I had and the the 2 charities. Katy and Jack were also given a chance to give their point of view. As was the case on ITV last week, Jack was brilliant and charming in his own little way yet again. He even got to press some buttons and play his part on the Summer 0815 Vending Machine piece. Gary and Lisa were brilliant with him. He now wants to work at Real Radio when he grows up! What a brilliant experience for an 8 year old. 

For me, the highlight of the show was a "best bits" package that had been put together. I was absolutely gobsmacked and close to tears when I heard it. In my minds eye, I could picture exactly where I was for each audio clip. It was one of the most amazingly beautiful things that I've ever heard. It told the story so well in just 3 minutes. It's something that I will treasure forever. It can be heard here.

Thanks to Real Radio, Gary Philipson, Lisa Shaw, John McInally, Jon Kirby, Chris Sibley, Trina O'Driscoll, Justin Lockwood, Craig Stewart and the 3 Legends for their invaluable help, support and encouragement during the run.