Monday 1 August 2011

Day 90 - 3 states in 1 day

Day 90 started off in sunny Ohio and it was only 10 miles before I reached West Virginia. After a quick stop for photos I was soon on my way again.

Carlton joined me through the streets of Wheeling, West Virginia. The streets were very quiet and there were a lot of derelict and run down properties throughout the city. This has been commonplace during this run in many places I have ran through.

"Excitement" of the day cam in the form of a passing train which I managed to stand very close to. The driver even waved at me. Does it get any better!

We eventually found ourselves running on a cycle path out of Wheeling. This is another rare sight on my route across the USA. A tunnel presented no problems other than being very spooky!  

In Triadelphia, thunder and lightning held up the day's running and I used this as an opportunity to get some icy towels on my sore legs. I intended to change into pair 7 of my running shoes at this point. I noticed a nail in the sole of the shoe. It had pierced the outer sole and had made marks on the insole. This was in a place where I had been getting foot pain over the last few days! I removed the nail and put the shoes back on.

Once the storm had passed I made it to the Pennsylvania state line just before dark. The remaining 10 miles were done in complete darkness with just my trusty head torch lighting the way. The shoes with the hole in had to be changed. Small stones got trapped in the hole and caused me further pain.

I stopped running after 40 miles. Carlton had kept me company for 16 of those miles and his witty banter really helped pass the time.

Today's breakfast was sponsored by Owen McMahon and lunch and dinner by Val Doughty.