Friday 12 August 2011

The Geordie has landed (part 1)

After a fantastic flight with British Airways, I'm now sat one of their lounges in Heathrow trying very hard not to eat this lot. I'd better save some for support man Carlton who was on the flight 50 minutes behind me.

Despite having a flat bed to sleep on in the flight, I chose to write up the review of the final day of the run instead. You can read it below. I got talking to a smashing lad called Marty who is an ultra distance runner. He was full of praise for the run. One of the air stewardesses, a Geordie, recognised me and it was nice to talk to her too. 

Thanks to those kind folk who are continuing to sponsor me. I'll be continuing to raise funds right up until the Run Geordie Run charity ball in September. If you would like to sponsor my 3100 mile run across the USA then the following links to can be used. All donations, no matter how large or small are greatly appreciated.

(St Benedict's Hospice)

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