Friday, 5 August 2011

Day 96 - Done, Day 97 - Underway

I managed to run 34 miles yesterday before stopping with unbelievable tiredness. I wanted to get at least 40 done but it was not to be.

I've just ran 6 miles before breakfast and I'll be running unsupported for the rest of the day. Quite simply, I need 4 record days of mileage now. 4 days of running further than I've ever ran before. The finish line at Coney Island is 184 miles away. I'm doing everything that is humanly possible to get their on time. I'm almost guaranteed to make it across the USA. That is not enough. Getting there within 100 days is so important to me personally.

Today's miles are dedicated to the memory of De Atherton. Her family made the following dedication:

Please could you include this dedication in your site to our very special mum who fought a long and courageous battle with cancer. She died in 2004 aged 61 years and not a day goes by when we don't miss her. She is always in our thoughts. What a fantastic thing you are doing and for such worthwhile causes. We take our hat off to you and wish you all the best with the rest of your run. It's special people like you we have to thank that hospices are able to keep going to provide us with the truly amazing care that we have experienced first hand .Thank you and ' Run Geordie Run'

Our mum De Atherton devoted her whole life to her family, to us her children and her grandchildren. Mum always put our needs first before her own. She was so selfless.

From the beginning of her illness she always remained in control and was ready to tackle anything that came her way. She was a tremendous support to us all putting our needs before her own and wrapping us up in cotton wool in order to protect us from the reality of the situation. Throughout these difficult times she would give us one of her radiant smiles and tell us everything was going to be alright. Her amazing attitude to her condition meant she was determined something positive would come it,so she organised charitable parties and events raising money for Halton Haven Hospice and Whiston Hospital's Liliac Centre where she received her treatment for 8 years. She wrote poems during long dark nights, putting her feeling into words and several were published and one 'Light up a Life' is used regularly in services when remembering loved ones. We are all so proud of he and what she achieved during her illness.Our mum is true inspiration, she's our hero and role model. She was a fantastic mum,the very best and she has given us the strength to cope with anything life puts in front of us. Her strength,courage and spirit will live in us all forever until we can be together again.

Sue, David, Peter and Lynne Atherton

I've received thousands of messages of support on Twitter during this run. This message from a very good supporter, Richard Colburn, was especially touching.

Mark, my father's family arrived in NYC in 1868 as Russian Jewish immigrants - the thoughts of 7 generations of my family are with you.

I'm actually in tears typing this, amongst so many other things, your run, for me, is a Pilgramage - and you honour me with your follow.

Finally, thanks to the celebrity Jonathan Ross for some publicity this morning via his Twitter feed. The numbers of followers have increased as have the donations. I've also received words of encouragement from long standing supporter Ben Shephard and my own personal hero Mark Beaumont who is currently rowing in the Arctic. That, together with the continued support on Facebook and Twitter almost makes this run across the USA a guaranteed success.

The blog may go a little quiet over the next 3 days. I need to concentrate on running more than ever. I'll be updating my Twitter feed as often as I can though. Just search for "Run Geordie Run".