Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 98 - Underway

With my right toe feeling like it's broken and 4 other toes that I can hardly feel, it's time to get the remaining miles left into double figures.

Thanks to everyone who has made a donation. Over 53k has been raised now and the fund stands at £53,237.47. Absolutely amazing!

Today's miles are dedicated to the memory of Catherine Graham and William Graham. Their grandson Stephen made the following dedications:

Catherine Graham - Grandma of Stephen Matthewson and to Paul and Daniel and mam to Val. Know as Kitty to everyone, she was a kind, loving soul who never had a bad word to say about anyone. She used to work in the kitchens of a local school which was great when she used to bring home the spare trays of such delights as chocolate cake and manchester tart.

She loved going to Bingo, watching Coronation Street her favourite tv program and reading books in particular Mills & Boons.

Softly the leaves of memory fall, gently I gather and treasure them all, Unseen, unheard You are always near, so missed, so loved, so very dear.

William Graham - Grandad of Stephen Matthewson and to Paul & Daniel, Dad to Val.

Known to everyone as Bill he used to work as a deputy at Boldon Colliery which saved him having to go to war, his retirement from the pit seen him working part time in the local bookies.

His favourite past times were football, horse racing and dancing. Keen supporter of Newcastle United although in his generation you used to go the Newcastle match one week then Sunderland the next. Loved having a punt and you could always find him in the bookies watching the horse racing.

Fond memories of him taking me to the beach when I was little at Whitley Bay and also on holiday to Blackpool once a place he loved going to especially to watch the acts be that a comedian or a singer.

He was a big gentle giant, who had hands like shovels and when I was first born could fit into his palm. He was a very popular well liked man and shopping trips on a Saturday with him took the whole morning as he was always stopping and chatting to folk.

Your always in my thoughts and I hope gran is not nagging you now that she has joined you and the other angels