Thursday, 11 August 2011

The comeback starts here

I've now had 2 complete rest days away from running. I'm very pleased to report that my badly swollen feet are improving almost by the hour. I've been experiencing shooting pains on the sides of both feet but this is becoming less frequent now. The rest of me feels in great condition and I feel ready to begin light running again before building up to the Bupa Great North Run in September followed by the Kielder Marathon in October. Where I go after that, both as a fundraiser and a runner, will be given very careful consideration after those races. I'll be talking to my family as well as my mentors Dave Fairlamb and Mark Fleming. 

I had the honour and the privilege of running around Central Park this morning with Her Majesty’s Consul General, New York, Danny Lopez and his fiance Susan Grieve. It was a run that was arranged when I had tea at their residence yesterday afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed that occasion and we chatted about many aspects of my run across the USA. It really was an honour to be able to share my experiences, the numerous stories and lessons learned with them. One of the more interesting topics we discussed was what music we all listen to while running. There were some very surprising choices in there I can tell you.

Danny and Susan will be running in this year's New York Marathon and their training for the event has just got underway. It was so fitting that my comeback run was with these 2 very lovely and friendly people. As I keep saying, I could not have written a better end to my tour here in the USA.

Following the presentation of a Run Geordie Run t-shirt, we set off from the Sheraton Hotel at 0730. We headed in the direction of Central Park. Once we got there, I was very pleasantly surprised to see loads of runners making their way around the park. The atmosphere and all round general good vibe was in keeping with the rest of my stay here in New York. I've ran the marathon here twice and have many fond memories of this place. That hasn't changed over the years. It truly is one of the greatest cities in the world.

We did 2 laps around a inner loop of Central Park. It was a decent pace and I felt very strong indeed. Before this morning's run I had been curious to see how just I would react to having ran 3100 miles. At this stage of recovery I can say that I was very pleased. There is a hint of pace in my legs. I think with a bit of speed work over the coming weeks, I could be setting PBs for the Great North Run and Kiedler Marathon.

I was very interested to learn about the role and responsibility of a Consul General and Danny gave me an interesting insight into what he does here in New York. 

I could have spent all day running around Central Park chatting to Danny and Susan. I was so flattered that they had such a genuine interest in my run across the USA. After 3 miles or so, we arrived back at the Sheraton hotel where we said our goodbyes and I wished them the best of luck for the New York Marathon in November. 

What a perfect end to my run across the USA. Thanks to Danny and Susan for their kindness, hospitality and interest in my epic run.

Finally, during yesterday's afternoon tea, I shared a critical piece of information with Danny and Susan. I can exclusively reveal that, what I like to call the "Run Geordie Run Circle of Trust", was formed in Her Majesty's Consul General's residence that afternoon.