Wednesday 7 April 2010

Whhhhheeeerrreeee will the Run Geordie Run t-shirt be this week?

I'm delighted to be able to tell everyone that the Newcastle United first team will be wearing Run Geordie Run t-shirts during the warm up prior to the Blackpool game this Saturday.

This is a massive coup for Run Geordie Run and will help to highlight the 3100 mile run across the USA and the 2 charities for which it is being done.

Not only that, but since I announced the t-shirt warm up on Twitter and Facebook earlier today, the orders have doubled. Almost £3,000 has now been raised from the sale of t-shirts and this has played a major part in helping the fund creep towards the next major milestone of £8,000! 

Thanks go to Adidas and for helping to arrange the t-shirt warm up. Of course, there will be more news and photos as I get them at the weekend. Watch this space!

If you would like to order a Run Geordie Run t-shirt then please click here. They are only £10 with ALL of that £10 going to the charities. Oh and postage is free too!

While it will be quite something to witness the warm up on Saturday, the real amazing aspect is that I've heard that a certain 6 year old lad called Haydn Weymes will be attending the match. Haydn's Mam, Alyson, tells me that it will be his first game and they will have a Run Geordie Run T-Shirt with them.

Haydn as a rare chromosome disorder that has left him severely disabled. Alyson says that "he has a million dollar smile when he is happy so if you are feeling a little down in the dumps then let Haydn's magic smile cheer you up!!!!".

I'm sure that you'll agree that Saturday's match against Blackpool promises to be very special for so many reasons!