Sunday 4 April 2010

Tour fund sale rolls on

In between today's 2 runs totalling 16 miles, I've been busy listing a new item on eBay. As I mentioned last week, I'll be putting some of my prized possessions up for sale in order to help pay for the expenses associated with the run next year.

Today, I took the difficult decision of listing a Newcastle United tracksuit top that has been in my family since the seventies. It belonged to my brother David who sadly passed away in 1990. It is from the early part of that decade and was made by Umbro.

I'm sure he wouldn't have minded me putting this one up for sale given that it will help pay for the USA tour which in turn will raise thousands of pounds for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation.

Also listed today was a framed Super Mac autographed photo, a framed Robert Lee autograph with photo, some rare Newcastle United pin badges from the 1970's and a pair of shorts worn by Jonathan Woodgate in 2003.

Please click the following links to be taken to the auctions.

1) Team GB Olympic Paralympic t-shirt (Size 46/48)
2) Very Rare Vintage Newcastle United Tracksuit Top (UMBRO)
3) Signed Malcolm Macdonald photo (Newcastle, Super Mac)
4) Rare Newcastle United Pin Badge 1
5) Rare Newcastle United Pin Badge 2
6) Rare Newcastle United Pin Badge 3
7) Signed Robert Lee photo (Newcastle)
8) Match Worn Shorts - Jonathan Woodgate - Newcastle Utd