Friday 4 May 2007

Will 900 go into 37?

I've struggled to get road side support for 4 days of the run so I've had to formulate a plan B. I don't fancy running between Kidderminster and Bristol unsupported (day 24 - 27) so I've been thinking about moving some of Katy and Jack's support from day 33 - 42 to plug this gap. This would mean that I would have to finish the run 5 days early. Gulp! I'd be faced with the prospect of running 900 miles in 37 days. That's an average increase of 3 miles on each day of the run and I'd have no contingency whatsoever should anything go wrong!

I've spent a lot of time this week confirming the mileage for each leg of the run. This is important when all of a sudden there is far less margin for error. I will have finished this exercise next week by which time I should be in a position to say whether or not running from John O'Groats is achievable in 37 days. If you would like to see how my route planning is progressing click here.

On the plus side today, I have managed to fit into a shirt and pair of jeans last worn about 4 years ago! I was amazed when the buttons actually managed to meet the button holes. Yahooo!! If all goes to plan, one of the first jobs I'm going to have to do when I finish the big run is go clothes shopping as I suspect nothing I have will fit me! Can't wait!