Thursday 10 May 2007

Massive sponsorship deals - Bids welcome!

While I've been very very pleased indeed with the level of sponsorship received so far, I think it's time to try and give the fund a bit of a boost.

This is an opportunity, to all companies and well off folk, for a chance to be part of a major sponsorship deal. This isn't any ordinary deal! This is the chance to be part of something massive. Something very spectacular! Did that sound convincing enough?

"What am I getting for my money?" I hear you all ask. Well! I'm willing to sink to new depths (even lower than the 100 yards I ran naked on the C2C route in 2004!) in order to raise funds for St Benedict's Hospice (Charity No 1019410).

For a decent sum of money I'm offering the chance to sponsor and be associated with one of the days of my big run. All days up for grabs. That's not the end of it! I'm prepared to run a particular day in extremely embarrassing fancy dress. Not any old fancy dress mind! Oh no! For example - £100 will get you a superhero costume. I think Batman would be my choice here. £200 will get you a character from Little Britain. I think Andy "I want that one" would be suitably embarrassing. At least I've got the stomach for that part already!

Now it gets really embarrassing! £300 gets you Borat's slingshot bikini thong! Now howay ladies and gents. Get your hands in your pockets! I'll be getting hundreds of hits on this website when those pictures are posted. £300 is an absolute bargain! Imagine it - "Mark Allison's John O'Groats to Lands End run (Day 12) dressed in nought but Borat's thong was proudly presented to you in association with your company name here.". Again, £300! It's the deal of the year.

Now I think that there will be lots of interest in that one , so just to top it off , £400 will get you another Little Britain character. This time, it's Daffyd "The only gay in the village". I'm half hoping that £400 is a little to pricey but on the other hand it's all for a good cause.

And finally, it's the big one! £500 will get you a naked 1.5 mile run across the Forth Road Bridge. This spectacular event needs little introduction or explanation. This event is probably why I have 1 contingency day at the end of the big run. I might need it to explain my antics to the local constabulary. Again, I've priced this one based on risk as well as embarrassment!

So there we have it - 5 very reasonably priced sponsorship deals. If any of these events interest you or your generous company, please drop me a line at for further information. Remember, these embarrassing tasks are on top of the already daunting 888 miles I'll be running from John O'Groats to Lands End. I'd almost forgotten about that bit for a moment!

Due to the nature of these events, I'd ask that money for these very attractive sponsorship deals should be paid, up front, directly to "St Benedict's Hospice, Monkwearmouth Hospital, Newcastle Road, Sunderland. SR5 1NB.".

And remember, it's all for a good cause!