Thursday 3 May 2007

Another sponsorship landmark reached!

I've spent so much time training and planning the logistics of this big run that I've fallen behind with getting the required amount of sponsorship (not to mention work and family life!). Thankfully, things are calming down a bit on the logistics front so I will have time to get out there and pester more people for their generous pledges. The fund received a boost today with a few more pledges. A very generous £50 was pledged from one of my ex bosses, Alexis, who lives not too far from the route of the big run in Scotland.

Perhaps one of the most random acts of kindness you are likely to see came when one of the girls from work, Mandy, was getting a massage earlier this week. She happened to mention my big run to the masseur who promptly told her to pass the fee for the massage to me as sponsorship. Smashing! I'd love to tell you how much was pledged for this, but that might reveal the "level of service" Mandy got on her "massage". Thanks to all involved!

I have now reached 55% of the target. Still a long way to go, but I'm getting there!