Tuesday 22 May 2007

A good start to a massive week of training.

It's pleasing to report that I've followed up Sunday's 22 miles with 5 and 6 mile runs on Monday and Tuesday. As you would expect, I was slightly tired for yesterday's 5 miler. Normal service was resumed today and thanks go to young Steven for setting a good pace on both runs. Recovery times continue to be good.

I am now left with the daunting task of running 8.4 miles on Wednesday, 2 hard sessions in the gym, 6 miles on Friday and 22 miles on both Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

Hopefully, I'll have some running company on Sunday on what should be a routine 22 miles. Monday, however, is all about getting to the finish line no matter what. I should learn quite a few lessons from the next few day's runs. I'll be putting my nutritional arrangements to the test in order to ensure I'm in the best possible shape going into Monday. Without doubt this week will provide the biggest test so far in my training schedule. It's imperative that by next Tuesday morning I'm in a confident mood and I'm writing about a successful week of training. Anything else will simply not be acceptable. Standards are high now!