Thursday, 3 May 2007

Fitness test proves hard work is paying off.

I had my 3rd fitness assessment in 6 months this afternoon with some pleasing but totally expected results. It turns out that I'm a stone lighter and have 9% less body fat since October last year.

As you would expect with all the training this year, the various scientific read outs for my lung and cardiovascular functions showed the biggest improvements. I had previously registered an "above average" in these areas. The print out at the end said "good" with noticeable increases across the board. I even broke my own most press ups in a minute record of 11 with a staggering total of 18!!!! Get in there!!!! I could only manage 5 last October.

My next scheduled fitness assessments are July 5th and then at the end of August just days either side of the big run. I should be down to a double size zero by then!! Normal size zero is so last season! Anyhow, pictured is me with a few friends from the gym celebrating the good news.