Wednesday 16 May 2007

Getting faster and faster!

Conditions were ideal for today's run up to Newcastle Race Course and back. There was a "quality field" out with Michael, Pete, Ian, Rob and Steven out to keep me company. We started at a very quick (for me) pace and didn't get that much slower for the entire run. The runners were soon spread out with Steven and I at the back. However, unlike previous runs, I had the leading runners in view right up to the 4 mile mark. Normally, I never see them again after 1.5 miles!

I looked at my watch at the 4 mile mark and quickly calculated that, at this pace, I was on for a PB. Young Steven was a real asset here as he ran the last mile at a blistering pace to ensure that I got my PB. He knows that I run at my best when I'm in pursuit of someone. Steven finished a good 30 seconds ahead of me and I reached the finish line a good minute and a half quicker than my previous best. Once again, I had been to the gym before starting work so this PB was especially pleasing.