Saturday, 19 May 2007

60% target reached.

Thanks to some generous donations from the other parents at my son Jack's school, the fund has now reached over 60% of the target. The fund level is really typical of the whole state of this event. In other words, a lot of hard work has been done over recent months but this really must be sustained right up until the end of the big run to ensure a successful outcome all round.

Week after week I keep telling people that my training couldn't be going any better than it is. Vast improvements have been made in general pace but more importantly with endurance. Just recently, clocking up 4 hours 20 minutes for a very difficult 22 mile run, numerous PBs and the general comfort in which those longer runs are completed is testament to this.

Behind the scenes there remains only a few odds and ends to sort out. Cheap hotels and train tickets for the road side supporters have been booked. The route has been planned in detail and checked numerous times. Nutrition and supplements for the run have been planned and thanks to my friends at Science in Sport it will be cheaper than buying it in the shops. The whole event and it's organisation is in very good shape. At the present time I don't feel one ounce of apprehension for the mammoth task ahead. In fact, I'm looking forward to getting on with it. Lets hope I'm still holding my nerve in 7 weeks time!