Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Week 12 - Well ahead of schedule!

I'm currently in week 12 of training for the 3100 mile run across the USA in 2011. Coaches and mentors, David Fairlamb and Mark Fleming both agree that I'm well ahead of schedule in terms of fitness and body composition. There is no room for complacency though and I'm determined as ever to make improvement week after week.

As a reminder, my training plan is made up of 95% running for 1 week, then 95% gym work the next week. The mileage on the running week is currently 55. I add 5 miles to that every fortnight and the target is to get to 110 miles per week by July 2009. I've managed 33 miles so far this week leaving only 22 to do. I'll be hitting the gym next week for some Body Pump and Spinning classes as well as my regular 90 minute tough session with Mark Fleming at David Fairlamb's gym. And of course, the weekend wouldn't be complete without David Fairlamb's Beach Bootcamp and the subsequent (and now legendary!) runs up the steps in King Edwards Bay. Their is a growing crowd of people who stay behind after Bootcamp to tackle the steps. Their support and encouragement is brilliant and reminds me very much of the people accompanying Rocky Balboa up the steps outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You couldn't make it up!

I'm pleased to report that I've recorded 3 PB's recently for the 5 mile run up to Newcastle Race Course and back. The last PB was set on Tuesday where John Brettell and Carl Hudson acting as pace makers also acquired PB times for this particular route. Wearing the new Brooks Glycerin 7 trainers, my final time was 00:40:23! I followed that up with a 6 mile run on the evening and the effect that the speed session had on the 10.4 mile run the next day was very noticeable! I found it very tiring! I've been getting a bit obsessed lately with running at speed. This is not what the majority of my training is about so I'll be focusing purely on getting the miles in for the time being. I'll have another crack at a PB in a few months time though. Watch this space!

Finally, t-shirts sales have gone very well indeed in the first month. £510 has been raised so far and not only is this a great kick start to the charity fundraising pot but is also hopefully going to help spread the word about this epic run. For more information on t-shirts, please click here.

I'm off to Beach Bootcamp now where the Journal Newspaper will be in attendance. They are going to film the Bootcamp and steps session and publish it on their website ( Watch out for that next week!