Saturday, 10 January 2009

A 5 mile PB.

It's a 50 mile week this week and Friday saw me run miles 26 - 30 for the week. To say that I'm enjoying my running at the moment is an absolute understatement and once again it showed on a cold lunchtime in Gosforth

Speed merchant Dave Francis and the ever reliable Carl Hudson were my company for the run from Regent Centre to Newcastle Race Course and back. My previous best for this one was exactly 43 minutes. Thanks to the other 2 lads setting a good pace, I beat that previous best with a time of 00:42:43. 

The split times were as follows:

Mile 1 - 08:21
Mile 2 - 08:44
Mile 3 - 08:38
Mile 4 - 08:30
Mile 5 - 08:30

As I said earlier in the week, confidence and fitness is reaching a whole new level. Every time I do something now I feel stronger and fitter. With 3 stone or so to lose it's going to be a while before it evens out too so expect more stories like this. The story I'd really like to write, though, is about beating my 1995 running times - 17 minutes for 3 miles and 43 minutes for 10k.

I'm constantly thinking of the stories and headlines in my mind. It's then a case of doing the actions to make them a reality. Once upon a time, back in 1993, the headlines were simply to run 3 miles round the block! Those were the days!