Sunday, 25 January 2009

Each day offers an opportunity for improvement!

This is week 12 of USA 2011 training and I've encountered my first disappointment. I haven't managed to get all of the required running in this week (55 miles)! That said, I've managed 33 miles of running, an intense 90 minute workout in the gym, Beach Bootcamp and 11 very difficult runs up the steps (pictured). I must say that the steps after Bootcamp have brought me to my knees this week. Just as it had been getting easier in recent weeks, this week's session was an absolute killer!

Fortunately, as I said yesterday, I'm well ahead of schedule. It is apparent now that I must make the absolute best use of my time outside of work and home life. There is not an hour to spare in the week and the challenge is now to be able to stick to the plan and exceed it wherever possible. This is how I'll be tackling the mileage in the USA.

There is a feeling that I don't want to let anyone down; my family, supporters and well wishers and the 2 charities that I'm working hard to raise money for. I'm always one for putting words into actions so I just hope that I can stick to this rigorous training schedule without any further setbacks. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh on myself but it is so important to keep the standards as high as possible. It is perhaps time for a reminder of those immortal words:

"There will never be a day that will not require dedication, discipline, good judgment, energy, and the feeling that you can improve. Each day offers an opportunity for improvement." - Gary Ryan Blair

Well, tomorrow offers an opportunity! My dedication is unquestionable (even if I do say so myself). Ask anyone that knows me. That one's in the bag. I hope I have the discipline to get up early before taking Jack to school to do a run. I hope I have the good judgement to eat the healthy things at the right time of day to give me the energy to run. The feeling that I can improve is central to everything I do in life not just running. That feeling won't disappear. Ever!

I can't finish writing this tonight without a mention of those wonderful people who supported and encouraged me on the steps this week. Other than Dave Fairlamb and Mark Fleming, I've only met them through Beach Bootcamp. Everyone of them was wearing a Run Geordie Run t-shirt for this special steps session which was being photographed and videoed by the Journal Newspaper for their Monday edition and online video section. They put a lot of effort in themselves but still found the energy to support me. Not only that, the t-shirts that were worn have yielded £150 for the charities. Brilliant! Watch out later in the week for an update on the t-shirts where once I have collected a few more £10's in, I expect the latest t-shirt total to be over £600. I'll also be posting an update on the 3000 scheme where I have had a number of pledges to run in memory of lost loved ones. In the meantime, week 13 of USA 2011 training offers an opportunity for improvement. I fully expect to be writing, this time next week, about how I took that opportunity!