Thursday, 8 January 2009

The hard work is paying off.

It's still very early days but after today's body composition test there is further proof that the hard work is starting to pay off. In September, Mark Fleming set me a target weight of 100 kg. That's a weight loss by the way, in case you were wondering! 

Back in September, I weighed in at 105.6 kg (16 stone 9 pounds). My body fat was 28.6%, visceral fat rating (fat around major organs) was 12 and metabolic age was 52. That's not good! That's not good at all. These aren't the kind of stats of someone who wants to run 3100 miles in 100 days!

I'm pleased to report that there has been an improvement since that first weigh in. My weight is now 99.5 kg (15 stone 9 pounds). That's a stone in weight lost. That's not the full story though as I've lost 1 stone, 6 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of lean muscle weight. As a result my body fat is down to 21.3%. That's a 7.3% loss since September! The visceral fat rating is down to 8 and my metabolic age is down to a whopping 36! That's a year less than my real age and 16 years less than September!

The next target is 95 kg. That's 14 stone 13 pounds! That's the weight I was when I finished the 874 mile run in Lands End. Once again thanks must go to Mark Fleming and David Fairlamb for their continued support and motivation. And here's to the next milestone. I've got a feeling it will be achieved sooner rather than later!