Sunday, 12 August 2007

Day 37 - Thank you!

There are so many people to thank, but for now, I'd like to give special thanks to all the NUFC.COM readers for their pledges totalling over £14,000.

The grand total now stands at a magnificent £23,080.

Thanks also to those people who have sent congratulatory emails. It's now after midnight and I've just managed to read through them all. Just brilliant! I'll get round to replying to you all in the coming weeks.

It'll be a long journey back to the North East tomorrow for the support crew and me. We are in no hurry though. I think it will be quite strange not having to run 20 odd miles and posting updates to my blog with the progress. That said, I will be updating the blog over the coming weeks with those daily reviews that were missed and any other items of post run interest. I'll also be adding a review of this Saturday when I run round the pitch at St James' Park. I'm really looking forward to that and I've paid someone a fiver to ask for my autograph when I pass the Gallowgate End!

I think for my own sanity, I'll be posting updates right up until the cheque is presented to St Benedict's Hospice on the 27th September. I've got some big plans for that night and Katy and I will be as busy as ever planning it. Are Ant and Dec available to host it I wonder? I see that night being a bit like the Oscars as there are so many individuals who played a part to thank and pay tribute to. Support men Rab C and Jeeves have already got their hotel rooms booked in Newcastle for that night. And I hear that For Your Eyes Only are stocking up on Cider!

After that, it'll be a case of becoming Billy Normal again. Though, after over 100 requests, I'd like to write about this experience. I think a book, with all proceeds going to charity, would bring about a nice bit of closure on this most extraordinary tour of the UK. Based on the interest shown, I've already got 100 copies sold and there must be thousands out there in need of a good hefty door stop!

This is Mark Allison signing off from the 22nd (I think) base camp near Penzance. May tomorrow bring absolutely no running whatsoever, (PLEASE) no hangover. May tonight's dreams be filled with thought's of glory, my legitimate pitch invasion this weekend and the hope that the league table stays the same for the next 10 months.