Monday, 26 February 2007

The Route (Week 3 of 6)

The 3rd week of the run, in my opinion, is the easiest. I use the word "easiest" loosely mind! As with any ultra long run, I find that you have to overcome the mental battle as well as the physical one. And with that in mind, I think there will be many plus points to be taken from this week. First of all, I will cross the half way point at approximately 10 miles past Kirby Stephen. Prior to that though, I will hopefully have had a few comfortable nights at home. I wonder how luxurious my own bed will feel after sleeping in a tent/camper van or Travelodge. Finally, on the 22nd July I will be joined by 10 or so Northern Rock staff for a day. The crack should be good as we take on a hilly 21.9 mile route from Castleside to Middleton in Teesdale.