Friday, 9 February 2007

A fast one up to Newcastle Race Course with "The Coach"!

What better way to spend a lunch break than to chase Ian (aka The Coach) up to the race course and back for 5 miles. Ian doesn't believe in a gentle jog. He instead chooses to run at a pace just outside my comfort zone. I'm not complaining because, during the last few months, he has managed to help me run at my fastest pace for about 3 years.

During the last couple of weeks, Ian has started to ask, on a daily basis, about my diet (or lack of one!). Only this week I was tucking into a packet of chocolate peanuts thinking "Ian is going to kill me when he finds out!". As a result, The Coach has recommended a nutritional plan which I'm going to follow next week. I'll also be doing the same runs as this week with a view to seeing how a better diet could be of benefit to me. I think the biggest miss will be my 2 regular 08:00 teacakes. I get these from the canteen at work. They've just started a "serve yourself" system. And lets just say, I've been a little bit too generous with the butter!