Friday, 23 February 2007

Accommodation problem eases slightly

One of the major logistical problems associated with organising this big run has been finding somewhere to stay for 6 weeks! Numerous letters have been sent to local camper van sales and hire companies begging for the use of a van for a few weeks. Unfortunately no replies have been received to date.

It's not all bad news though. After a brilliant bit of thinking by Keith (one of my support drivers), a few £15 rooms have been booked at various Travelodges up and down the country. This has managed to fill in a few gaps. Also, thanks to the generosity of a few friends/colleagues/family/friends and family of colleagues etc etc, I have been offered a few night's accommodation at various points on the run. Again, more gaps filled! These offers are very much appreciated.

So far, I have somewhere to stay for 14 out of 42 nights. The slight concern I have at present is finding somewhere to stay during the first and last week of the run. i.e. In the Highlands of Scotland and Devon/Cornwall. At present, given the very limited budget I have, the plan is to stay in a tent! This won't be ideal after a 20 something mile run each day. So, if any of my readers have long lost relatives with a spare bed for the night please get in touch.