Wednesday, 7 February 2007

A cold one up to Havannah Nature Reserve

I was accompanied on today's sunny yet cold 8.5 mile run by Patrick and a tired John (who had ran the Torremolinos half marathon at the weekend). The route took us from Gosforth, up the Great North Road, along Brunton Lane and around the Havannah Nature Reserve (pictured right) before returning back via the same route. There was a small amount of snow on the ground and I surprising nearly fell only once.

This route has been one of my favourites this year. It's quite flat, allowing for a steady pace all the way round. Despite the distance, I never feel too tired afterwards.

There has been little sign of bird or wild life this winter in the reserve. In fact, the only "nature" I've experienced here lately was an impromptu toilet stop the other week. I'd like to say that it's quite embarrassing, but after 15 years of running it's something that I'm very much used to!

Pictured left, is me at the 4.3 mile point. The only thing I could think of at this point was the jacket potato I'd be eating an hour later. I'd bought one before the run and left it next to my PC to keep warm!

Tomorrow's run is a 5 mile route up to Newcastle Racecourse and back. Hopefully, the heavy snow, that is forecast to fall overnight, won't hamper my plans too much.