Monday, 5 February 2007

Could these be the trainers that carry me 900 miles?

After 600 miles or so, I've decided to get a new pair of trainers - Asics Gel Nimbus VIII. These should last me until June. If all goes well, these will be the trainers that I use to run from John O'Groats to Lands End.

The good thing about Asics shoes, in my experience, are the fact that they take no time at all to break in. They'll be making their debut tomorrow around what people now call the "Mark Allison Memorial 6 mile run". This is a route from Gosforth, through Fawdown, all the way around the Town Moor and back to Gosforth up the Great North Road. The 4 mile point actually goes past my birth place (the former Princess Mary's hospital). I bet my parents, back in 1971, would never imagine that I'd run past the place a few times a week while training for such an event.

The aim for tomorrow's run is to break an hour again and moreover try to get under 58:30 (This year's PB). I'll be running with the quite pacy Ian and Michael so I stand a good chance. Watch this space!