Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day 70 - Reunited

Porridge today was brought to me in association with Paul Bertram. Day 70 started with Dave and Mark droppng me off at the start point on their way to the airport. Sadly they had to leave the tour but their contribution over the last 4 days will always be remembered as a telling one with some great company over 140 miles.

It was another baking hot and humid day. Even hotter than the last few days. Which is saying something! I asked a lot of Steve during the morning session. A decent pace and a good lot of miles was needed once again. Steve had been building the miles up steadily all week and this turned out to be within his limits. The miles flew by in the morning with Steve running an impressive 11 of my 17 miles with me before lunch. I was especially keen to get a good haul of miles in before Katy and Jack (Mrs Run Geordie Run and Run Geordie Run Jr) arrived to join the team.

It was unbelieveably good to see Katy and Jack pull up at the side of the road in front of me. Words on this blog will never be able to do justice just how I felt when I saw Katy and Jack after 75 days of absence.

I had lunch brought to me in association with Paul Lowrey. Despite the excitement of Katy and Jack being there I still had to have a Tactical Snooze. Just for 30 minutes though. It wasn’t the best one I’d ever had as it was boiling hot in our tin can of an RV.

The final session of the day on Highway 36 was quite tough in the heat and humidity of Illinois. After his tough morning session Steve joined me for the last 7 miles with Jack running the last mile with me. A proud moment indeed!

Jack was very impressed with the RV. "It's huge" he said. He tried to claim the bunk bed from Steve but was out of luck. He was allowed to build a fort up there though which made up for it. 

Dinner was sponsored by Paul Bertram. A rather “tricky” dump (I’d better just leave it at that) of the RV waste was sponsored by Andy Lawless. Needless to say Steve may be wearing gloves for the next one!