Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day 75 - A good reaction to 40 miles

Day 75's Breakfast was sponsored by Sarah Welsh. It wasn't too late a start considering I'd ran 40.1 miles the day before. The run got underway in between Jacksonville and Springfield. My legs were like Bambi's for the first few hundred yards and then I eased gently into the day.

A couple of miles before the first water stop I found a toy sword in very good condition at the side of the road. I ran with it to the RV and handed it over to Jack who was very pleased with it. It was the latest in a series of things that I've found at the side of the road. Old mobile phones are popular but the only thing I've kept is a pair of really good quality Nikon binoculars.

Once again, I found myself running past field after field after field of corn. I must have ran past the same looking fields for almost 800 miles now. It's funny, as I've now seen corn grow through various stages all the way from East Colorado, through Kansas, Missouri and now Illinois.

After lunch, sponsored by Sarah Welsh, Steve joined me. I enjoyed the change of scenery that the city of Springfield had to offer. The simple sight of garages, shops, fast food joints and more fast food joints was enough to keep my mind occupied. We ran across a dam and it was the first time in a long time that fields of corn were not visible.

Steve dropped out at the 32 mile point and I made it to 38.8 miles on my own. I was very pleased with this particular haul of miles given yesterday's 40 mile effort. After updating my blog, eating supper (sponsored by Sarah Welsh) and answering a few emails it was almost 1 am. This late finish to a day has usually had a negative impact the following day. Hopefully, tomorrow would be different!