Saturday, 30 July 2011

Day 88 - Road closed

Day 88 started at Mount Sterling just west of Zanesville. It was a cooler day than of late. However, temperatures were still in the 80s. Zanesville was full of character. I ran past the vases in the picture below, placed in the middle of town. Also, like many other places I've ran through recently, there were very few people around. It's a rare thing to see folk walking the streets.

I'd been up until 1 am the previous night updating my blog with news and pictures from the match. I was very tired as a result and had to take a Tactical Snooze in the afternoon. 

Later in the day I reached the town of Cambridge. The roads were all ripped up and it was not a pleasant place to run through. Yet again, the streets were empty in another small American town.

The day finished in the dark and I was almost falling asleep after mile 30. Nevertheless, I kept going and managed to run 38.8 miles. Shelli in the RV reported that there was a road closure ahead and I was disappointed to stop just short of 40 miles.

Today's breakfast was sponsored by Owen McMahon, lunch by Michael Deeble and dinner by Hannah Cakes.