Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 71 - Underway

With 1993 miles ran so far, today's efforts will see me over the 2000 mile point and also out of Missouri and into Illinois. This leaves a "required run rate" of 34.9 miles per day in order to reach New York on August 8th. With 6 consecutive days of over 35 miles behind me and only 30 days left I'm as confident as ever of reaching the finish line on time.

Thanks for some fantastic donations over the last few days. Thanks to Andrew Kerr who made a sizeable donation that now sees the fund over £42,000.

Today's remaining miles in Missouri and into Illinois along Highway 36 are dedicated to the memory of Rachel McGrill. The following dedication was made by her brother, Richard McGrill.

"Rachel was born in 1969. She suffered from congenital heart disease and was a Downs syndrome child. All her life she battled against illness and problems relating to her health issues. All through these difficult years with the love and support of her family, Rachel lived a fullfilling life, bringing joy and happiness to all the lives she touched. Her spirit was immense and an inspiration to all. Rachel lost her battle in January this year, and will be sorely missed."