Sunday, 3 July 2011

Another Team Geordie Run victory

What a great way to start the day by thanking Team Run Geordie Run's Donna Houghton and Nigel Addison. Yesterday they cycled from Seahouses to Tynemouth raising funds for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation. They cycled a total of 58 miles and raised £700 into the bargain. That's not only a brilliant effort but also a feat which I'm very envious of. The last time I rode a bike I broke my ankle!

Well done to Donna and Nigel for an outstanding performance. Not only with the bike ride but for raising such an impressive amount for the 2 charities.

Nigel and Donna recently appeared in The Journal as part of the Great North Fitness Revolution.  Basically, it's a pledge to do some exercise, improve your diet etc. Backed by Bupa, it costs nothing to sign up to and will hopefully get people in the North East thinking about their lifestyle and how it can be improved for the good of their health. You can sign up to The Great North Fitness Revlution by clicking the link below.