Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 64 - Underway

It's raining with a bit of thunder and lightning here in north east Kansas. This is great news and will provide a bit of respite after the baking hot conditions of the last week. The "Big Guns" arrive tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing Steve Harrison, Dave Fairlamb and Mark Fleming join the team. 

Today's miles in Kansas are dedicated to the memory of Margaret Steel. Her son Alan made the following dedication.

Our mam was the heart of our family. She was the strong one, even at the end. She lived a hard life. Born in Gateshead. 1919. Absent father. Poverty beyond anything we can comprehend now. Childhood sweetheart and husband of two weeks killed in Tobruk in '41. But a good life. Another husband. 2 children. 6 grandchildren. But even she couldn't beat cancer. Maybe we can. In her memory. And the memory of others. Run Geordie! Run! Run until we've won!