Friday, 22 July 2011

Day 81 - Could it BE any hotter?

Just for a change, today was another scorcher! The plan was to run 9 miles and celebrate reaching the end of the 1000 mile long Highway 36 with a breakfast at Bob Evans Restaurant. Shelli, Dave, Mark and I all ordered impressive looking omelettes. I had a rare cup of coffee which served to act as rocket fuel later on in the day.

I reached Indianapolis by midday where, for the first time in a long time, there was not a corn field in sight! A baseball game was just getting underway which looked to have attracted quite a crowd. I hadn't seen this many people for a very long time. Possibly as long ago as Denver last month.

By the time we reached the east side of Indianapolis the temperature had reached 107 degrees Fahrenheit. You could feel the heat bouncing up off the pavement. I coped much better with it and plodded my way down Highway 40. 

When I was running with Dave, Mark supported us in the car and vice versa. It's always so hot in the RV during the day. Being able to have 10 minutes cool down using the car's air conditioning was a real bonus. I lost track of the amount of fluid I drank today. I never once felt dehydrated and, as has been the case all through this run, hydration has been spot on.

The route took us through a lot of retail parks and eventually into a nice little town called Greenfield after 37.2 miles of running. Shelli had managed to get us a free RV park so an overnight air conditioned RV was most welcome.