Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day 63 - Hot and muggy

In keeping with recent days, day 63 saw a hot and muggy start. Fortunately, though, the temperature at the start point just to the east of Maryville, Kansas was to get nowhere near as hot as the last couple of days. A high of 95 degrees Fahrenheit was a treat compared to the 100 plus temperatures of the last few days.

The run got underway just after 0930 which was a little too late for my liking and I suspected I would be on for another late finish.

Although I was still on Highway 36 this part of the 1000 mile long road is called the Pony Express Highway. There were many historical markers alongs the route. Sadly, just like all of the other days I just had time to take a quick photo of them and proceed along the road.

The last few miles were done in complete darkness (see picture below) with just my head torch lighting the way. I didn't finish running until shortly after 23:00! 

Running in the dark recently has really toughened me up. There are far fewer Scooby Doo moments than there used to be. I quite enjoy running with the "tunnel vision" that the darkness provides. The miles seem to pass by much quicker when all I can see is the small part of the road ahead.