Friday, 8 July 2011

Today’s breakfast was brought to you in association with…..

Since Monday, colleagues from Northern Rock have sponsored the “delivery” of my breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have made hundreds of pounds of donations to do so. Their support in this rather unique way is very much appreciated.

Monday’s breakfast, lunch and dinner was sponsored by Geoff Whitmore. Tuesdays’ was Mark Dormer who also sponsored a dump of the RV’s waste tank. Linda Harrison sponsored Wednesday’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Duncan Robinson sponsored Thursday’s breakfast and dinner with Martin Chisholm sponsoring lunch and the dump of the RV’s waste tank.

I’ll be announcing further sponsorship during my daily blogs. I only find out about them when the meals are delivered. “Today’s porridge is brought to you in association with…..” will be a regular feature during Steve Harrison and, later on, Carlton Fletcher’s stint on the support team.