Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day 77 - Business as usual

An overcast start to the day meant a cooler start to the day. The weather has been very kind this last few days. A heatwave is expected in Illinois next week so these days, when they come, are most welcome.

I set off without breakfast and, after 6 miles, I met the RV for some porridge. Breakfast, lunch and Dinner were also sponsored by Stephen Larman today. 45 minutes later and I was on my way again, through the corn and soy bean lined roads.

Steve joined me at the 10 mile point by which time I was running very slowly. A couple of miles into his duties and I decided that we would try and beat each previous mile as we went on and set a target for Shelli to try and beat when she took over later.

Corn field after corn field after corn field went by. Things got a bit interesting when 2 extremely vicious dogs chased us. I pointed them in Steve's direction and we were soon past them with an increased pace!

Shelli took over keeping me company for 3 miles and we ran the quickest mile of the day. When Steve took over again that time was beaten and this approach made the miles tick by pretty fast.

The haul of 37.1 miles, just as the sun went down, was very pleasing. Steve, Shelli and I celebrated with a McDonalds Smoothie. It was very refreshing after a long day on the road.

After 5 days of running off my official route I rejoined Route 36 today. This will take me all the way to Indianapolis next week.