Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day 76 - Sooooo tired!

David Dale sponsored today's breakfast of guess what……..porridge. I didn't start running until just before 10 am due to having an extra hour in bed. I had the worst night's sleep for months last night and it showed straight away in my running. I didn't get to sleep until 1 am and to make matters worse a nearby dog was barking for what seems like hours as dawn broke. Add to that the heat overnight and it made for a terrible few hours of sleep.

Such was my tiredness, I had to take a Tactical Snooze after just 8 miles. It was only 45 minutes but it was well needed. I stopped for lunch (sponsored by Martin Chisholm) at the 12 mile point. This time I told the team that a much longer Tactical Snooze (See was needed. I said that I needed 2 hours. They woke me up after just an hour and I felt terrible. On the plus side, Katy's scrambled eggs on toast went down a treat and I was soon back on the road again.

During the afternoon session I felt pretty good and made my way along the quiet country roads with the usual corn fields alongside. By the time I made it to Mt. Zion I felt trally tired again. Steve convinced me to run to the next junction 2 miles further down the road. At this point the tiredness was overwhelming and I stopped running after only 23 miles. A poor effort but it was all I could muster after so little sleep the night before.

David Dale was today's sponsor of dinner and Martin Chisholm sponsored the RV waste dump.