Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 85 - A stop and start day

Dave and Mark dropped me off at the start point this morning and we said our goodbyes before I resumed the run on Highway 40. It was strange at first running by myself. 5 miles in, equipped with my trusty iPod, it was business as usual.

I reached the expected road closure after 3 miles and I was so pleased to be able to run right through it. The 4 mile detour that I'd planned was unnecessary and Shelli simply met me in the RV at the other side. 

I had a break after 11 miles in Lafayette. I was so tired that I needed a 2 1/2 hour Tactical Snooze. I was out like a light. I've lost so much sleep lately it was definitely time to catch up.

I started running again in the afternoon when storm clouds had gathered and there was thunder and lightning to my right in the north. The Tactical Snooze together with temperatures down to the 80s Fahrenheit meant that I was running much quicker. By mile 15 the thunder and lightning was drawing close to my position. I kept running with the RV in close proximity.

I ran another mile through torrential rain with the lightning strikes getting much closer. Too close in fact! I was so disappointed to have to stop as I was going so well. It just wasn't worth taking the risk. 

An hour later the lightning had moved further south and I started running in torrential rain. It was such a nice change to be running in much cooler conditions, despite getting an absolute soaking.

By 19 miles the roads were flooded so I called it a day. Given the interruptions of the day I was happy to get to this point and have a good rest. Carlton joins the support team in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning so I need all of the sleep I can get at the moment.