Thursday, 7 July 2011

Day 67 - Consistency and another quick finish

Day 67 was to follow much the same pattern as day 66. Dave, Mark and Steve would run with me in shifts with Mark and Dave helping me to finish the run off. Another 35 mile haul was a must. Going into the day I felt great after further, very painful, massage on my legs from Dave.

The "rennal car" was used for support again and Dave (now known as Nissan Dave after day 65) ran the first 6 miles with me. It was really hot and I just concentrated on making good progress before lunch. I wanted at least 14 miles done before the break. I didn't stop at many of the water stops and Dave and Mark simply got the water from the car and ran to catch up with me, passing the water bottle like a baton. This helped keep the day flowing well.

What I should also mention is that the Big Guns carry my water for me (and anything else for that matter; cap, t-shirt etc). I have been running at my lightest over the last 2 days as a result.

I managed to run 15 miles before lunch and another hour long tactical snooze was called for. It wasn;t the best quality as the inside of the RV was boiling hot and I woke up feeling quite groggy. I had to sit in the "Rennal car" for 10 minutes with the air conditioning on to cool down. This worked a treat and after further quick work on my legs from Dave I felt great in the afternoon session.

I had managed to run at a consistent pace all day long and, at the 32 mile point, I fancied another quick finish. With freshly massaged and looser legs, I was able to stride out to much better effect. The speed of yesterday wasn't quite there with mile 34 done at 09:04. Although I did have to stop to tie a shoelace. The last quarter of a mile was done at 07:10 pace. Once again, the lads let me dip over the imaginary finish line and "Run Geordie Run" had seized another victory. "Leaving the competition standing", "Allison is destroying the field" with "blistering pace". These were all phrases that I could hear David Coleman saying in my mind during the final few miles. Please just humour me!

It had been quite another brilliant day with 35.25 miles run. The effects of having the Big Guns here to motivate and encourage were plain to see for the second day in a row. That makes 106.5 miles ran in the last 3 days. During the last 3 days there has been a lot of consistency, quality and pace despite temperatures in the 90s and humidity in the 60s and 70s. It's imperative that I keep this going for as long as I can. I'm certain there'll be another low point, like last Sunday's 25.5 miles, just around the corner. With only 32 days left I'm slowly but surely getting to a position where I can take a few more risks. A bit of speed here and a few more miles there. If I continue on like this I get to New York on time. It's as simple as that. 

Finally, thanks so much for all of the superb donation and message of support. I will be thanking everybody when I return to the UK in August and it's a job that will take until September to complete.

The charity fund now stands at £40,953.20. So close to £41,000! If you would like to sponsor my run then donations can be made in a number of ways. have introduced a brilliant new free donation method. Did you know that you can now donate to the 2 charities using your mobile phone?

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